Why SchoolAdvisor uses credit card or debit order details for premium listings

SchoolAdvisor's premium listings use either your credit card or bank details to debit your account. The reason why we have only these options:

  • the site is fully automated to ensure that the control is in the listers hand, upgrading/downgrading is done from the system - this opens us up to less human error
  • with the amount being so small, for SchoolAdvisor to run all the listings with invoicing/checking proof of payment etc it makes it very labour intensive and more expensive from a book keeping side - in the end making it more expensive. Our aim is to keep the premium options affordable. 
  • debit orders can now directly be cancelled or reversed from within your internet banking - if at any point you are nervous you can from your side cancel or reverse a payment easily. This is how your bank is making it easier for you to control your debit orders. 
  • many users are also concerned about giving out credit card or bank details online - we have multiple layers of protection to ensure that we can't even see your details - only the bank sees it. Mastercard and Visa also have strong policies in place to protect and reimburse payments if need be
If you have any further concerns give us a call and we can chat it through with you. 
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