Claimed my listing. Now, how do I get all my company details/info/products updated?

You have claimed your listing and now want to get all your information live.  This post will give you a step by step guide and a checklist to make sure you are on track. 

All of your company and product information can be edited on the ‘Manage Listing' button. Click on the 'down' arrow next to your name, in the header of the web page, to find the button.

The page, when it opens for the first time, will look like this:

You can then simply follow the steps as prompted. If you are not opening the page for the first time, it will show as:

Within ‘Manage Listing’ you can:

 1. Edit company details

These are the main level details that will show on your company page - it also includes your contact details. To edit them, click the big ‘Edit' button.


    • Company Logo (optimal logo size is 200 x 200 px)
    • Website Address
    • Telephone Number
    • Company Description (this is key as it will show in the search results when people look for you)
    • General Email Address for Queries and Quotes

2. Manage Branches/Offices

Here you can add and update your office/branch addresses. With the ‘free’ and ‘country’ option, you get to list 3 addresses. If you need to list more, you can pay an additional R20pm per address loaded.

You can either:

    • Add new branches

    • Edit branches that are already listed (use the ‘Edit View’ button)

Once you have edited or added your branch/office, it will show on a map so that you can double-check that it is correct. When schools search for products or services, a map showing suppliers in their vicinity will pop up, so, make sure you get all your addresses listed. It will your increase your chances of being found!


  • Head office branch loaded
  • All other offices, branches, stores loaded

3. Manage Products/Services

Schools need to find, not only your company detail but also your specific product or service details. Within this section, you can add a new product/service or edit one that is presently there.

You might find that there is already a product or service listed under your name. How did it get there? If a school has previously reviewed you, they would have added your product or service. These will show under your company. After ‘claiming your listing’, you will now be the only person that can add new products or services.

Key things to remember to add:

    • Tags: these are keywords that describe your product or service - add as many as you want. Remember, the more tags you use that describe your product or service, the easier it will be for schools to search for you. 
    • Schools: Display the schools that you service! This is the biggest tool you have to sell to new schools - let them see exactly who uses your product or service. It builds trust. The school names will show on your product page and on your company page.
    • Product Pictures: (only for paid listings). An image says a thousand words. If you have this functionality, use it to show off your products and services. Once again, this will help you sell more products or services.

If you get stuck, give us a call or email us. We are here to help.

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