Help, my company name is wrong!

You have just been on SchoolAdvisor and see that your company name is down incorrectly! This post describes how you can change it

1. Sign up

Visit, click on 'Sign Up' and follow the steps. Remember to check your inbox so that we can verify your email address. 

2. Claim your listing

Once you have signed up and logged in, click on the button that says 'List my Company'. The first thing this section will ask you to do is to check if you are already listed. 

NB NB: when you start typing it will show the incorrect company name that is listed, click on this company name. Do not retype the company name, you must select the incorrect name. 

3. Choose your payment option

Here you can choose your different options with regards to your listing (free, country or international)

4. Enter your company details

NB: don't yet change your company name! First you have to go through the full claiming system before you can change it. 

5. Follow all the steps

Keep going through the setup wizard till you have fully claimed your listing. If you need help check this FAQ

6. Change your company name

Now that the company listing is yours you can change your company name. To do this, make sure you are logged in and click on your name that should show in the top bar. In the drop down listing select 'Manage listing'


Click the edit button and you can now change your company name. Once saved your name will have changed. 

If you have any problems shoot us an email or give us a call - 021 883 2523


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