Can I use my company’s SchoolAdvisor star rating on my marketing material and website?

Yes, if you have a great rating then show it off. Get the official image of your rating and you are then welcome to use it on your website, marketing material etc. If it is in an electronic format,  you are required to link the image to your specific page on SchoolAdvisor. This means schools can click through from your site and see your rating and the reviews done on your company.

Remember you have to have a 4 or 5 star rating if you want to use the relevant badge. If you are not quite there then use the reviewed on SchoolAdvisor badge and then work on getting your rating up. 


Reviewed on SchoolAdvisor Button for Web

Can be used on your website to let people know that you have been reviewed on SchoolAdvisor. 

Reviewed on SchoolAdvisor PNG Image for Print

Use this on your printed marketing material to show that you have been reviewed on SchoolAdvisor. 

Show off your 5 stars on your website!

Let schools know that you are on of the few 5 star rated companies on SchoolAdvisor.

Print ready version for your marketing material

Make your marketing material stand out with you rating.

Four stars is an achievement

Use this JPG version for your website, when schools click on it they will be able to see your reviews 

Four Star badge print

This badge can be used on your marketing material

Downloadable versions can be found here.

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