What is the ‘Promote my listing’ functionality?

This is an easy way in which SchoolAdvisor can assist you with improving your rating.

  • Enter the names and emails of the people that you want to review your company, and we do the rest. We send them a simple email asking that they rate your specific company on SchoolAdvisor. SchoolAdvisor will keep their details confidential and will not contact them for any other reason than for asking them to rate you.
  • To get to this functionality, login, click on your name and then in the drop down select promote my listing.


  • Once the page is open, select the product/service you would like them to review.
  • Add the name and the email of the person you would like to review you.
  • Click 'Add'. You can add as many people as you want.
  • Once you have added all the people click 'Send' and way it goes! We will send them an email requesting that they review your company.

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