Adding geographic regions that branches service/supply

Schools can search for suppliers in specific geographical areas. 

Schools were contacting suppliers outside of their region which wasted their time and yours. We have solved this problem.

We are excited to introduce this new feature, as we think it will help schools find exactly what they are looking for and eliminate the chance of you receiving a bad lead.


How to ensure that you show up in search results

With this new feature comes great responsibility. 

To ensure that your company shows up when schools search for a product/service you provide, you need to include all the regions that you supply to. This is absolutely NB! To do so, follow these steps (I've used the SchoolAdvisor page for demonstration purposes, but the same applies to all company listings).


First, login and go to "manage listing"



Next, insert all your branches under the "branches" tab



To do this, click the "new" button to add a new branch. Make sure that you fill in all the info on this page.


MOST NB! Please make sure that you specify the region under "Select where you supply/service"

What areas do you specifically supply to? If you do not enter this information, your listing will not show up when schools search for you. 

For older clients that were live before we launched this functionality, we have defaulted you to supply throughout all of South Africa. To edit, you will first need to click the "unlink current region selection" button. Once you have done that, you must select the country and the region where you supply/service (don't leave this blank, or it will default to the whole country).Unlink_Region.PNG

When you have filled in all the info, click "save" and voila!


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