What are the benefits of having a premium listing?

There are many great benefits of having a premium listing on SchoolAdvisor. We have summarised them below.

Get Referrals from our Team

Schools use our services to get three quotes from reputable suppliers. When schools submit a quote request, we first look at who our premium listings are. So, if you want to be on top of our priority list, claiming a premium listing will do you a world of good! Interested in upgrading

Save Money

When a school accepts your quote where we've connected you to the school, we will only take 2.5% commission as opposed to the regular 4%.


Press Release

You can submit a press release every 6 months. Simply send us an article, video, or whatever content we can use to tell schools about your company. We will pump it out onto our blog, social media, and newsletter (viewed by thousands of school decisions makers).

Notified Reviews

Get immediate notifications when schools review you and gain the ability to respond publicly to each of their reviews.

We won't break your piggy bank

Our country listing is R360 pm, so we aren't breaking any piggy banks. Payments are also month to month - meaning that you can cancel at any time. Why not try it for the next few months and strike while the iron is hot? Click here to upgrade.


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